CAUTION: A Review of Your Disability Insurance Claim Could Result in Termination

Every so often, disability insurance carriers will review pending claims. Sometimes, with higher payout claims, they’ll do a “review” of the claim with the intention of terminating the benefits – i.e. ceasing payment on your claim. If you receive a letter that your claim is being reviewed, call an attorney immediately to ensure you protect your rights and your claim. Here are a few signs your claim may be terminated.

Insurance Company wants to examine you.


Insurance Company is making unreasonable and aggressive requests for information.


They may use surveillance.

It’s possible that they will use surveillance to watch you. They may talk to neighbors or simply watch to see what you’re capable of doing. This could then be used against you to say you are not actually disabled and can return to your occupation.. Keep an eye out for this.

They will ask to talk with you.

This may be obvious but sometimes claims personnel will call you and request an in person meeting with an insurance company investigator. Remember, if an investigator is talking with you, it is for a purpose – not to simply be your friend. Be cautious of anything you say that could be taken out of context. It’s best to be prepared for the meeting so talk to an attorney before you speak with the investigator. An attorney can help you prepare for questions that may be asked and make you aware of what could be taken out of context.

We know that when your claim was approved, it was a big weight off your shoulders. You knew you had some financial stability during this difficult time. The last thing we want to see is your benefits terminated. If you think you may be at risk for having your benefits terminated, contact us immediately to protect yourself.