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If your accidental death and dismemberment insurance claim was unfairly denied or delayed, our Los Angeles area insurance bad faith lawyers may be able to help you get benefits you may be entitled to receive.  Our firm is skilled at litigating complex cases involving insurance disputes with a special focus on insurance bad faith claims.  Contact our law firm today to discuss your specific case. We serve clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout all of Southern and Northern California.

Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance Policies Are Different From Life Insurance Policies

Wrongfully Denied Disability ClaimsAccidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) is a unique type of insurance. If you have lost a loved one and you are trying to collect on this type of insurance policy, it is important to understand that it does not work the same as life insurance. Benefits will not be paid if your loved one died of natural causes. They will only be paid if the death was caused by a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or any other type of accident.

This type of insurance is also beneficial because it may cover accidents that cause dismemberment or loss of speech, hearing or vision.

Whether you have suffered the loss of a limb in an accident or you have lost a loved one, if you have tried to collect on an AD&D insurance policy and have been denied, the lawyers at Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., can help.

Our Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Know How To Close the Loopholes Insurance Companies Use To Deny Claims

AD&D policies are filled with loopholes that insurance companies will try to use to avoid paying claims. We truly understand the methods of “the other side,” because our law firm features former insurance defense lawyers. We have seen firsthand the loopholes they will try to use:

  • They may deny an AD&D insurance claim on the basis that the event does not meet the policy’s definition of an accident.
  • They may go so far as to claim that the victim was the cause of the accident and is not eligible for benefits.

Insurance companies hope you will simply accept a denial and walk away, but a wrongful denial of your claim is not the end of the road for you — our experience means we know how to close the loopholes, overcome the insurance company’s objections and help you.

We help victims of unfair insurance company practices in the Los Angeles area and throughout all of the state of California.  With more than 50 years handling insurance cases, including accidental death and dismemberment policies, we know how to fight back against insurance companies to get them to settle cases, but if necessary, our law firm has the trial experience and resources to take them to court.

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All cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing and we receive nothing unless you win your case by way of settlement or verdict. Call us toll free at 877-664-5407 or e-mail us to schedule a consultation with our California accidental death and dismemberment denied insurance claim attorneys.

“Dear Michael,

I just wanted to take a minute and express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and knowledge you put into my case. I had given up any hope of receiving any settlement from my accidental death and dismemberment policy before we met.  I am still amazed at how fast and efficiently you handled my case.  I expected a long, drawn out process if we were going to reach any settlement, but much to my surprise the whole issue was settled in well under a year.  I am very thankful for the out of court settlement you were able to reach.

I would also like to show my thanks to the staff at Donahue and Horrow that I worked with.  Primarily, Molly Weiss and before her, Rosa Padilla [they] were both very helpful, kind, and professional with any questions or assistance I needed.”  — JK


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