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$1,200,000 recovered from Hospital and Emergency Medicine Physician for wrongful death of adult woman for failure to diagnose and treat internal bleeding.  Read More

When HMO Mistakes Lead to the Loss of Life it’s Considered Wrongful Death and You Can Take Action to Hold the HMO Accountable

Los Angeles HMO Wrongfuol Death and Medical Malpractice AttorneysDid your loved one die in surgery or in an adult ICU (intensive care unit) at a Kaiser medical facility or any other hospital?  Was your infant stillborn as a result of a labor and delivery mistakes?  Did someone in your immediate family die after being turned away from an emergency room?  Did a decubitus ulcer that developed in a nursing home lead to an infection that caused the death of your family member?

The Los Angeles area medical malpractice law firm of Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., welcomes inquiries from family members of wrongful death victims. Clients have suffered serious harm or lost their lives as a result of medication errors, surgical errors, emergency room errors, birth injury and mismanagement of medical treatment by Kaiser Permanente.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against Kaiser

Regardless of the circumstances of your loved one’s untimely and questionable death, we extend our sympathy to your family. In our years of experience as medical malpractice lawyers, we have worked closely with a number of families who suffered the tragic loss of family members in connection with medical malpractice. We have witnessed how challenging and difficult this time is. And we know that you want and need answers and financial relief.

Donahue & Horrow, L.L.P., is engaged in the practice of law to bring relief to wrongful death victims’ families. Over the years, we have helped clients recover over a hundred million dollars in damages due to bad faith insurance practices and various forms of medical malpractice. As former insurance defense attorneys, we are well-prepared to counter tactics used to deny claims and to present compelling arguments for compensation in wrongful death cases.

We help victims’ families of Kaiser HMO medical malpractice resulting in the death of a loved one get civil justice.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, contact our Los Angeles area law firm today. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. There are  be no attorneys’ fees for you to pay unless or until you receive compensation in the form of an insurance settlement or trial award.

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All cases are taken on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing and we receive nothing unless you win your case by way of settlement or verdict.