Dentist Receives $850k Settlement For Wrongfully Denied Disability Benefits For Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Disability Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys, Los Angeles

Attorney: Michael B. Horrow

Settlement: $850,000

Case Summary: A dentist suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome received $850,000 after an insurance company wrongfully denied his claim for disability benefits.

Disability Insurance Claim Case Description

Michael B. Horrow represented a dentist who became totally disabled due to bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome suffered after a traumatic fall and repetitive use. He had purchased private disability insurance for financial protection if he ever became physically unable to practice dentistry. As his symptoms progressed, he became unable to perform dental procedures. After his claim was denied, Mr. Horrow took on the case.

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Insurance Bad Faith Claims Attorney, Michael B. HorrowAbout Michael B. Horrow

With a particular emphasis in disability, life and health insurance litigation, attorney Michael Horrow has fought successfully against the biggest insurance companies and won. Some of the insurance companies he has successfully prevailed against IG, UNUM Provident, MetLife, AETNA, Hartford, F & G Life, CIGNA, Life insurance Company of North America, State Farm, Farmers, Prudential, Trustmark, Paul Revere, UNUM Life, Provident, Mass Mutual and Mass Casualty.

Mr. Horrow has recovered millions of dollars on claims like these:

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