Michael Horrow Wins ERISA Case For Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Michael Horrow Wins ERISA Case For Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits On Behalf Of Cancer Survivor Against LINA (Life Insurance Company of North America)

Attorney: Michael B. Horrow

Case Summary:  Attorney Michael Horrow represented a women who became disabled as a result of aggressive cancer treatment.  Her insurance company said she was not disabled and stopped paying her disability benefits.

Case Results:  LINA was ordered to bring Plaintiff current on her benefits, with interest, paid to Plaintiff retroactive from the beginning of the “any occupation” period to the present time.

Case Description

In June of 2010, after months of bowel issues and pain in her lower back and tailbone, Plaintiff consulted with a gastroenterologist. Only due to her own persistence she was finally sent for a colonoscopy which revealed the worst possible news–invasive squamous cell carcinoma.

With the guidance of her highly credentialed specialists, she launched an aggressive and successful attack on her cancer. While her cancer responded and went into remission, the treatment left her in significant pain. On September 10, 2011, well after her treatment was completed, she was forced to seek disability due to her severe and persistent pain complaints.

Her claim, which was always predicated on pain, was initially accepted and paid for nearly two years. In November of 2013, despite no significant change in her condition or pain treatment, the ins. co. abruptly denied her claim and asserted she could return to her pre-disability occupation.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims Attorney, Michael B. HorrowAbout Michael B. Horrow

With a particular emphasis in disability, life and health insurance litigation, attorney Michael Horrow has fought successfully against the biggest insurance companies and won. Some of the insurance companies he has successfully prevailed against IG, UNUM Provident, MetLife, AETNA, Hartford, F & G Life, CIGNA, Life insurance Company of North America, State Farm, Farmers, Prudential, Trustmark, Paul Revere, UNUM Life, Provident, Mass Mutual and Mass Casualty.

Mr. Horrow has recovered millions of dollars on claims like these:

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