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New Article – Litigating an ERISA Insurance Case

Partner Michael  B. Horrow and Attorney Scott E. Calvert wrote an ERISA article for the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles magazine, for the annual edition dedicated to insurance issues. Download their article  Litigating an ERISA insurance case.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“You know how to litigate a case.  Identify the harm. File a lawsuit asserting all possible claims for relief.  Propound written discovery. Conduct and defend depositions. Hire an expert and conduct expert discovery.  Pick a jury. Examine witnesses. Make your closing argument, and hope that the jury finds your evidence more compelling than the other sides.   

Unfortunately, if you follow this blueprint in an ERISA insurance case, you can cost your client the entire case before it even starts.  And even if you follow all of the statutorily required pre-litigation steps, what you already know about litigating and winning a case will be of little use to you in an ERISA case.”


What sets Donahue & Horrow apart is their unique and specialized knowledge of ERISA and what it takes to successfully litigate an ERISA case.