Butte Fire Insurance Coverage, Temporary Living Expenses

Many homeowner insurance policies cover additional living expenses during natural disasters. This covers living expenses for homeowners incurred as a result of damage caused by fire or mandatory evacuation, allowing consumers to focus their attention on recovery. The coverage typically includes food and housing costs, furniture rental, relocation and storage, and extra transportation expenses. Policy provisions, including deductibles, vary by company. Consumers should check with their insurer regarding any limitations that may apply to the coverage.

Another Multistate Settlement Reached In Death Master Case

For many years, life insurers have used the Death Master File to search for and stop payments to annuity holders, but did not use the database to identify deceased life insurance policyholders whose beneficiaries are owed life insurance proceeds. It is estimated that through this practice insurers avoided paying over a billion dollars in life insurance proceeds to beneficiaries.

California Assembly Passes Bill to Tackle Health Insurance Fraud

In an effort to address the growing problem of health insurance fraud around the state, the California Assembly recently passed bill AB 2138, which will increase the amount given to agencies responsible for investigating bad faith disability claims and other types of insurance fraud. Under the measure, the amount paid by health and disability insurers to investigate fraud would increase from 10 cents per insured person to up to 20 cents per insured. The additional funding would allow district attorneys' offices around the state to investigate and prosecute insurance fraud cases.

California’s 9th Circuit Rules Timing Critical for Filing Erisa Claims

When former employees believe they are being denied or not receiving the full amount of ERISA-protected benefits, they must challenge the insurers' final denial of their claim within a certain period of time. California's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently determined the statute of limitations for filing an ERISA lawsuit - or how long former employees have to file a lawsuit challenging the denial of benefits - for the denial of an ERISA-protected benefits claim is four years.

Top Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America

The American Association for Justice (AJJ) identified the top ten worst insurance companies in America for consumers.The survey reviewed thousands of court documents and various records to compile a list of the worst insurance companies in the country. The following insurers were rated poorly for either service or bad faith ...

Think You Have Coverage? What Your Policy Really Covers May Surprise You

The definition of total disability is not standard and will vary from company to company and product to product. Total disability can be defined in different ways. Generally, it can refer to total disability where one is unable to perform the substantial and material duties of your own occupation commonly referred to as "own occupation" coverage. Or, it can refer to coverage if one is unable to perform "any occupation" for which you are reasonably educated, trained or suited. This is called "any occupation" coverage.